Hip Hop Song “Kick the Meat Habit”

Chad Harper wrote this song to honor vegans. Thank you Chad!

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Reboot with Joe Cross at Barnes & Noble

ImageThis week while I was in B&N in Bethesda I caught an event with Joe Cross who spoke about his past while promoting his new book.  The event was packed and people asked lots of questions.  Joe is a charismatic and dynamic speaker and he knows how to win friends and influence people.  One of the most interesting points Joe made was our historical reliance on plant-based food.  The trend towards animal protein is a relatively recent occurrence in human history.

It was interesting to happen upon the event after recently showing his film ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’.  Someone asked about Phil, the truck driver in the film.  Unfortunately Phil had a relapse which made me sorry to hear.  Joe said his weight has fluctuated but he has maintained around 240.

While I have a Vitamix, I have not gotten into juicing.  For one thing I prefer to eat whole foods and keep the fiber; however, I agree with on the benefit of a juice fast or cleanse.

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